Introducing The Staff Of                                 

Founder: Apostle Tyrone Taylor PhD/D (Carrollton, TX)
Ministry Advisor: Apostle Jeanett A. Daniels (Compton, CA)
Chief Executive Admin: Bishop Samuel D. Hill (San Diego, CA)
Executive Admin: Evangelist Elizabeth Concha (San Diego, CA)
Ministry Director: Pastor Sherian A. Cook (Wichita, KS)
Ministry Director: Pastor William Callans (Russellville, AR)
Ministry Director: Elder James W. Taylor (San Diego, CA)
Ministry Senior Prophet: Jeanett Andrews (Pensacola, FL)
1636 Duval
San Diego, CA  92105
Contact us at: (214) 716-7664
E-mail : office
Nation Wide Outreach In Deliverance
                 World Wide Evangelistic Ministries Of Life
is a Deliverance Ministry. Gods people have been Delivered from Drugs, Alcohol,
Nicotine, Witchcraft, Sickness and Spiritual Oppression in all areas.
The Word Of God is first above all gifts given to us by God. We train and  setup
Deliverance Churches, and help those that have a problem understanding their
                                                 Our Scripture Isaiah 58:6
Is this the fast that I have chosen? To loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the
heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke.
Visit our Wall Of Faith in our new
Anointed Room
Apostle Tyrone Taylor